Florence, always an inspiration for fashion, art and beauty, today meets technology and innovation, together with its master craftsmen ready to create innovative products; using innovative and eco-sustainable materials.

Lebiar contains all this in its original models, aimed at satisfying the desires of customers who, in addition to beauty and refinement, seek the sustainability of the environment.


Immersed in the olive groves of the Florentine hills, we have thought about the beauty of nature and about the damages that gradual evolution of human’s lifestyle has brought to it. For this reason, us founders decided to change our habits by purchasing eco-sustainable products, however we realized how costly they were, hence the need to create a certified quality mark with low prices for our brand.


Our bags are born in the Florentine district where leather processing is a tradition that has been handed down from father to son for many years. Here, our skilled craftsmen, thanks to the use of high quality materials and at the same time also eco-sustainable, manage to create unique and long-lasting products.


The Lebiar brand is born from the need to be able to make our world better. We are aware that we are a drop in the ocean, but the goal is to make this drop cleaner.